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This page was last updated on 9 April 2002


Remembrance Evening, 8 March 2002

The special Remembrance Evening was held on the 20th anniversary of Seow Yew's passing away on 8 March 2002 at the Bonsai Garden, Chinese Garden. Click the following links to visit:



The program line-up for the evening was:

6.30pm Pre-dinner cocktails and drinks (tour of Bonsai Garden for the early birds)
7.30pm Opening Address by Kian Wei/Lit Cheong as Co-organisers (introduce the committee members)
7.45 pm Buffet Dinner begins
8.45 pm Official Launch of this Web-site by ex-teacher, Mr Teo Keng Koon (Roger to introduce and activate)
8.50 pm Multi-media Presentation (Kian Wei to introduce and activate)
9.05 pm Open Sharing Session
10.15 pm Closing (Kian Wei), Collection of CD souvenirs and Goodnight.



(Click photo to view larger version)

Chinese Garden

Event Registration

Bonsai - 300 yrs old

Bonsai Garden

Bonsai Garden

Bonsai Garden

Bonsai Garden

Bonsai Garden

Bonsai Garden

Cocktail Reception

Web Server

Cocktail Reception

Cocktail Reception

Cocktail Reception

Cocktail Reception

Cocktail Reception

Welcome Speech

Welcome Speech









Web Site Launching




A Toast

A Toast

A Toast

A Toast

A Toast

A Toast

A Toast

A Toast






(Click on to play audio)

Welcome Speech 2:27

Chee Meng 4:58

Web Site Launch 3:30

Kian Wei 0:36

Lit Cheong 1:05

Kin Sze 1:57

Keng Cheong 1:52

Choon Heiy 3:36

Choon Teck 0:57

Kian Guan 3:35



Phek Hoon 3:25

Chee Cheong 2:58

Wan Boon 3:38

Kiong Ann 2:09

Benedict Chee 9:43

Mr Teo K K 4:36

Chee Kwong 2:56

Chin Meng 0:57

Siew Keen 1:58

Corinna Foo




Mark Lim Kian Wei, 10 March 2002:

"Roger, it was an emotional evening for most of us on Friday. Try as I may I could not help feeling a deep sense of loss and sadness. I told myself that this was supposed to be a happy function to remember the good old times together..."

"I want to thank you with all my heart for helping me to organise this special function. This is something that I have always wanted to do all these years but could not do it alone without your support. Bringing back the primary schoolmates of Selegie and teacher, Mr Teo was very special and for your primary school classmate Corinna to share her very personal experience with Seow Yew surely brought a tear to most of us present. I hope she has come to terms with her feelings after all these years. This function was our tribute to Seow Yew and we will always cherish that special evening on 8 Mar 2002. It will live on in our memories forever."

Loh Siew Keen, 11 March 2002:

"Really emotional, although I have long anticipated it. Kian wei, I have to control myself too. A lot of touching speeches, the most heart rendering one was the one by Corinna. It was very courageous for her to share her deepest feelings. I hope this event has given her the opportunity to release from herself all these feelings and doubts by sharing with us."

Mark Lam Choon Heiy, 11 March 2002:

"Once again, kudos and gratitude to Kian Wei and the entire committee for a moving and wonderful evening. I feel fortunate to be invited. Thanks."

Lee Tiong Seng, 11 March 2002:

"I was really glad that I managed to change my flight last Friday and get to attend the gathering."

"I also like to take this opportunity to say how much work the organisers put in and we all appreciate that very very much."

Roger Loh Chee Meng, 11 March 2002:

"Kian Wei, it's good that this event that you wanted to do all this while is finally accomplished and turned out well!"

"I guess it all started when you highlighted Seow Yew's passing away during the 25th anniversary of our Bravo Platoon gathering in Feb 2000... So naturally, when you asked me to collaborate to organize this event, it was already done. At least we did something meaningful for a friend that we all so dearly missed."

"The multimedia was well done and very touching; the few of us who had the chance to watch it during the recce had our fair share of emotions that evening. The speeches were so touching we will never forget..."

"As for me, I experienced a lot of pain and sorrow and grief during the making of Seow Yew's web site (which I think Kian Wei should feel the same during the making of the multimedia). Looking through and working with those old photos over and over again is truly painful, you know what I mean..."

Richard Ho Kong Fatt, 12 March 2002:

"Dear Roger, Kian Wei and the whole committee who had organised the Commemoration. I would like to thank you guys for a memorable evening and for sharing your thoughts and emotions with me and all who attended. It was very touching at times and I feel really grateful for being included. Thanks for inviting me. In case some of you still do not know who the hell Richard Ho is, I used to be addressed as Kong Fatt! Best Wishes and Warmest Regards."

Roger Loh Chee Meng, 12 March 2002:

"Hi Everyone, I just wish to say a word of thanks to the two kind friends who are not in the committee but volunteered to help me in last Friday's function to set up the computers, take photographs and video, etc:

1) Kum Chee - my business partner
2) Steven Tan - my business associate"

Benedict Chee (from Jakarta), 12 March 2002:

"Roger, please thank Kum Chee and Steven Tan."

"Their efforts, service and sacrifice earns our sincerest thanks and appreciation."

Philip Lim Choon Teck, 12 March 2002:

"A toast to Kian Wei and his committee, Roger and his buddies in making the evening a truly memorable and touching affair - a real tribute to the meaning of everlasting friendship!!"

Catherine Quah, 12 March 2002:

"I think the rest have said what I wanted to say but I would still like to personally thank you for all the effort that you and your buddies have put in to make the remembrance evening a very meaningful one for all of us. I am sure the rest of the Selegie team shares my sentiment."

"Once again "thanks a zillion" and please convey my heartfelt thanks to Kum Chee & Steven."

Mark Lim Kian Wei, 12 March 2002:

"Dear Kong Fatt, thank you for your kind words. Your presence that evening meant a lot to us organisers. You made a special effort to come (a bit late, though). It was an emotional roller-coaster ride for most of us on Friday... I think the event touched many of us in a special way and brought us closer together."

Wong Chin Meng, 12 March 2002:

"Kum Chee and Steven, many thanks for helping out. the event means a lot to us"

Wong Chin Meng, 12 March 2002:

"Roger, good to see you after all these years. Sorry for the loss of your good friend. Looking at the photos, he lived a full life - fully to the limit and always loving the people around him."

Yap Chee Yuen, 12 March 2002:

"A big thank you to Kum Chee and Steven. You are a Big Help to us for the evening."

Chan Kum Chee, 13 March 2002:

"Dear Kian Wei, long before this event, as a business partner of Roger, I have the privilege to listen to many fond and wonderful memories about Seow Yew from him. It is indeed an honor for me to be able to help out in this event as it gives me the opportunity to understand why Seow Yew was so dearly missed by Roger as I listened to the many testimonies and to feel the bond among friends who were present at the remembrance night."

"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Others stay on, make footprints on our hearts and we are never, ever the same." -Anonymous

Mark Lim Kian Wei, 14 March 2002:

"David, on behalf of the co-organiser Roger Loh and the Committee, I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to you and your team for a wonderful job done. The remembrance event went without a hitch and was a success. All the participants enjoyed the atmosphere of the gardens very much. Appreciation to Ms Joan Lim who worked tirelessly behind the scene on the food, drinks, sound, projection etc. The ambience of the Bonsai gardens and its beauty provided the right setting for a nostalgic evening... Here's wishing you every success with Jurong Gardens."

David, 14 March 2002:

"Mark, the Garden staff would like to thank all of you for giving us the opportunity to showcase the Bonsai garden... May we wish all of you everlasting friendship. David N Staff"

Corinna Foo, 14 March 2002:

"Dear Roger, it was very thoughtful of you to write to me and yes, I feel very much better now..."

Ng Kin Sze, 14 March 2002:

"It was a great evening last Friday. It was obvious you and Kian Wei had put in a lot of work. Seow Yew would have been happy to know that his friends from all over had come together to renew contacts with each other and to remember him. For that alone, his life had not been in vain."

"Thanks for a great evening. Appreciate your putting in so much for a long lost friend. It was a great evening indeed."

Peter Foong Chee Kwong, 15 March 2002:

"Dear Roger & Kian Wei, I have never expected guys like you, Kian Wei, Lit Cheong and the rest could be so sentimental in organizing this great event to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the death of Seow Yew. It touched my heart to see so many "long-lost" souls gathered together that night on 8 March 2002 to mark a tragic event exactly 20 years ago. I must confess that I choked several times during the tribute session when most of us came forward to recollect those happy times we had with Seow Yew."

"It must have been a most difficult and laborious task for you, Kian Wei and the organizing committee to locate us after more than 20 years. Kian Wei even got Ben who is stationed in Jakarta to fly back for this very meaningful occasion. My hats off to all of you hardworking guys (you did much better than your Pre-U studies!)"

"Thanks for inviting me to commemorate Seow Yew's death, an occasion which brought back many poignant memories. We certainly look much older and weathered than those fresh faces in the faded photos. Your tremendous effort in launching a website for Seow Yew caps it all, far exceeding all our tributes to him."

"As my humble and weak effort, let me also contribute my share by sharing with all of you a poem especially penned for Seow Yew (I borrowed a song title from Elton John - A Candle in the Wind). If you like it, you may put it on your website too."

"Thanks for the memories."

"PS: Since you have put in so much effort in locating us, I suggest that we should meet once a year to keep in touch with one another. What are your views?"

Mr Teo Keng Koon, 20 March 2002:

"Dear Kim Joke & All, I can't help agreeing with Chee Kwong in entirety that the inaugural gathering of all closely associated with the late Seow Yew on 8 March be made a perpetual entity. The laudable and exquisitely sublime efforts and sacrifices of Chee Meng, Lit Cheong & Kian Wei will become a massive waste if the afore-mentioned gathering should be the first and the last."

"An annual get-together as suggested by Chee Kwong will serve 2 objectives - a reunion of pals and an anniversary memorial for the late Seow Yew."

"I had both a most pleasant and a most painful evening at the Chinese Garden on the evening of 8 March. Most pleasant - because I had the highly improbable opportunity of meeting the many bosom buddies of the late Seow Yew. Most painful - because my mind ran through the years I had known him (from the age of 10 to 26) and the whole gamut of experiences I had had with him. His departure has left a colossal poignant gap in me till this day.  And as I sat there alfresco listening to the sad, and at times hilarious, speeches and watching the video, my heart too reached out to his family members who had suffered enormous tribulations upon the loss of Seow Yew. I don't believe that they, just like us , will get over this pain. It will linger on. I have always harboured this profound hunch that had Seow Yew lived, he would have enjoyed huge eminence in his life. He was an ebullient chap who was always on forward gear, never on neutral. He was a gentle giant - always benevolent and others-centred, never nefarious, never malignant, never hurtful nor abusive."

"If I could have given him a portion of my life to see him live longer, I would have. But alas! The Lord works in mysterious ways."

"The only consolation I can cling to now is that this impassioned plea of Chee Kwong and mine to keep the memory of Seow Yew going and the rest of us in affinity and eternal contact for the late Sew Yew's sake be preserved. And effusive thanks for setting up the Website, Chee Meng and the CD, Kian Wei. These have become priceless items in my life. I will not forget the hard work of Lit Cheong too."

"Regards and God Bless all of you. teokengkoon ( a former teacher of Seow Yew)"


POEM, "A Candle in the Wind"

A Candle in the Wind

Quietly he slipped into our lives forty years ago
A gentle boy, funny and unpretentious in his ways
He opened the hearts of many, both young and old
Bringing smiles and sunshine to our childhood days.

We remembered him for his kindness and zest for life
For his soft, husky voice in a frame huge and strong
A young man, so full of hope, vibrancy and drive
With a great future ahead, nothing could go wrong
Then one fateful night, on his way back to camp
His road of hope came to an abrupt and tragic end
An angel came and snatched away our judo champ
Killing the joy of many with broken hearts to mend

Since then, we cherished the memories, nursing the hurts
As we replayed countless times in our minds
Scenes of that playful boy, frolicking without his shirt
In those care-free school days without time
Twenty long years moved on in relentless march
Never have we forgotten that dear life tragically lost
Together we stood, our hearts deeply touched
Remembering a friend whose path we once crossed
Caught in nostalgia as we saw him smile once more
Through faded photos and strains of his favorite tunes
Poignant memories came back like a painful claw
Unearthing from our hearts the grief long subdued
Our mortal minds could never comprehend
Why must it be him to meet that cruel destiny
A candle in the wind, snuffed out in its stand
So soon he had to walk the path to eternity
One could only sigh and call it a mystery of life
At our end, we could only yearn and pine
The sweet innocence of youth, the days gone by
Seow Yew, we still love you through the sands of time

Peter Foong



The Committee

  Convenors Mark Lim Kian Wei
    Roger Loh Chee Meng
  Finance: Ng Geok Har (Treasurer)
    Lam Yen Chin (Assistant Treasurer)
  Logistics: Yap Chee Yuen
  Publicity: Ang Teck Heng
    Gay Chee Cheong
    Chong Lit Cheong



Committee Meeting

On 23 January 2002 At Spinelli, Far East Square

pic: a committee meeting Committee meeting on 23 January 2002

Sitting (left to right): Teck Heng and Yen Chin
Standing (left to right): Kian Wei and Chee Meng

In August 2001, Kian Wei, a Rafflesian, initiated a special remembrance evening on the 20th anniversary of Seow Yew's passing away on 8 March 2002.

A small committee was convened comprising Rafflesians to organize the event. Lit Cheong and Chee Yuen booked a meeting room at Jurong Town Council for this purpose. However, the venue was finally changed to the Bonsai Garden at Chinese Garden at the recommendation of Lit Cheong due to its ambience and beauty.

The program included a launch of this web site by Chee Meng and a multimedia presentation prepared by Kian Wei for this special occasion.


Committee Recce

On 6 Mar 2002 At Bonsai Garden, Chinese Garden

(Click photo to view larger version)

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